3 Pesky Things Hiding in Your Office Carpet & How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help?

Imagine dirt stomped deep inside your office carpet and your employees, vendors and clients are walking over it! How safe do you think it is for your work environment? With many visitors attending your work premises regularly, it’s likely for carpets to become a potential hotspot for germs, bacteria, allergens and many other pesky critters you might be completely unaware of.  To give you a glimpse of what’s hiding inside your office carpet, we have enlisted 3 scariest things which regular vacuum cleaners often fail to eradicate.

  • Mould

You may have the misconception that steam cleaning can eradicate carpet mould, but practically speaking, that’s not the case. Unfortunately, conventional steam cleaners lack the advanced features and capability of eradicating mould spores from carpet fabrics and gallons of water dumped during office carpet steam cleaning pushes dirt and grime deep inside the padding and triggers potential health hazards among staff and employees.

  • Allergens

Did you know carpets are a favourite nesting ground of allergens which aren’t visible to the naked eye? Yes, you read it right. Allergens penetrate through windows and other open areas and stick to the carpet fabrics. The worst part is, they wreck havoc on the health of patients suffering from asthma or serious respiratory troubles. If you don’t get rid of pesky allergens, they can reside in your workplace throughout the year and increase the number of sick leaves among employees.

  • Dust Mites

Dust mites are the scariest thing that resides on office carpet and survives on flakes of skin. Besides being creepy, they are prime culprits behind allergic symptoms and asthmatic troubles and can make your staff fall sick frequently. If you neglect to treat them during carpet cleaning in West End, your workplace can turn into a germ hotspot sooner than expected.

2 Ways Office Carpet Cleaning by Professionals Can Help

Cleaning office carpet may seem to be a trivial task but can have a significant impact on your staff and business. Here’s how.

  • Clean Carpet Protects Employee Health

Studies have revealed that the ambience where you spend the majority of the time impact on your overall health and well-being. A happy and healthy work environment motivates employees and allows them to accomplish their goals faster. A significant aspect of a healthy workplace is undoubtedly a pristine clean carpet where germs and bacteria are mostly controlled and improved indoor air quality.

  • Healthy Employees are Maximum Productive

How do healthy employees help your business grow? Commercial cleaning in the West End including rugs and upholstery cleaning lifts their thought process, makes them creative and allow them to deliver maximum output. Research and studies have revealed that people are more productive in a clean and green environment and this can be easily achieved with well-maintained office carpets.

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