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4 Time-Saving Hacks to Make Bond Cleaning Quick & Hassle-Free

Relocating to a new place is indeed overwhelming but house cleaning can come as a nightmare if you don’t plan in advance and adhere to some smart cleaning hacks. Landlords are particular about the cleanliness of their property during lease inspection and expect every corner of their home to be in a pristine state. However, if you are a working professional or tied up with a busy schedule, you might not be able to manage time leaving your property in an immaculate condition and look for quick and effective bond cleaning hacks to avoid the mess during lease inspection.

Here’s this blog outlining some time-saving vacate cleaning hacks that can make your task effortless and stress-free. Give a quick read.

Prepare a Well-Defined Checklist

A well-defined checklist can end your bond cleaning woes and help you focus on every corner of your home. Make a list of the high-traffic areas that require special attention such as ceiling, floors, walls and doors and pen down the appliances and other household belongings that require deep cleaning. It will facilitate your task and help you impress your landlord right away during end of lease inspection.

Clear off All Junk

The first and foremost step towards quick and efficient bond cleaning in Brisbane is to discard all junk items from your home. Sort out your household belongings and get rid of old and scrap items such as broken containers, torn clothes, old newspapers and magazines etc. Decluttering your leased property at least a week before the final move-out date can help you stay organised and expedite the bond cleaning process.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Pay Due Attention to Your Carpet

Carpet is one of the prime areas of inspection and property owners expect it to be in a pristine condition as it was while letting the property on lease. Stains, dirt, grime and grease on carpet fabrics not only can agitate your landlord but put your bond on hold for an indefinite time. If your carpet has accumulated dirt, consider carpet steam cleaning by professionals in order to restore its former glory and impress your property owners right away.

Hire Vetted Exit Cleaners for 100% Bond Refund

End of lease cleaning service in Brisbane differs from regular house cleaning and is more intricate. Landlords check every nook and corner of their property and dirt and debris can infuriate them during lease inspection. So it’s better, not try your hands on exit cleaning, instead of delegate the task to professional bond cleaners. Having years of experience and expertise under their belt, vacate cleaners ensure your property looks pristine clean during lease inspection and you get full refund the same day of move-out.

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