5 Terrible Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes You Should Never Make

Upholstery constitutes a significant investment and makes your home inviting only if maintained in a pristine condition. Regular exposure to stains, food spills, dirt and grime wear away the shine of the fabrics and make your upholstered furniture look dull and filthy. Moreover, kids and pets love to bounce on them, which make them prone to discolouration, breakage and damage. Undertaking DIY upholstery cleaning isn’t a wise choice in restoring their former glory as improper cleaning techniques, toxic chemicals, vigorous scrubbing can result in more damage than good and count on the health of your upholstered assets.

Homeowners who take the plunge of DIY upholstery cleaning, end up making these costly blunders.

Applying Detergents Without Testing a Sample

The market is flooded with plenty of upholstery cleaning detergents but picking the right one is crucial to avoid discolouration. Knowing the composition is a must to prevent harm to the fabrics but unfortunately, homeowners who consider themselves to be cleaning pro’s and undertake upholstery cleaning in Brisbane on their own, apply toxic chemicals without checking the composition and ruin the gloss and feel of their upholstered furniture permanently.

Using the Right Cleaning Equipment

Stains and spills are likely to happen if you have the habit of eating on sofa sets and couch. While minor spills can be easily removed applying organic solvents, stubborn stains are difficult to eliminate without professional cleaning equipment. Homeowners who skip the idea of hiring professional upholstery cleaning in Coorparoo, fail to arrange high-powered scraping tools and end up causing severe damage to the fabrics.

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

Scrubbing Stains & Spills Hard

Stains and spills on upholstered furniture need specialised treatments and if you think scrubbing them hard can make your job effortless and hassle-free, probably, you will be making the biggest blunder to your pricey assets. Scrubbing stains vigorously can break the fabrics apart and cause them to penetrate, which can result in disastrous outcomes. Homeowners who overlook this aspect, come up with recurring issues of fabric damage and splurge hefty dollars on a brand new replacement.

Overusing Fabric Protectors

Organic and stain repellent sprays can keep your upholstery looking great for years and make cleaning easier and hassle-free. Over-using of these sprays can fetch adverse consequences and prove to be detrimental to the health of the fabrics. Homeowners who lack knowledge and skills in upholstery cleaning in Coorparoo, over-use sprays which result in excessive chemical saturation and result in discoloration of the fabrics. It also gives rise to skin irritations among kids and pets and they fall sick frequently.

Skimping on Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Most people have the misconception that professional upholstery cleaning services involve hefty dollars which is not at all true and undertake the job on their own in order to save a couple of bucks.. Most companies offering upholstery cleaning services have designed their packages keeping customer’s budget in mind and homeowners who skimp on hiring them, end up with an inferior quality of work and costly damages to their assets.

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