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5 Tricky Ways to Speed Up Your Bond Cleaning Chores

Moving a home has always been a ‘big-time’ fuss and bond cleaning comes as an added stress. Right from de-cluttering your space, packing necessary household belongings to loading them safely in moving trucks, it takes a lot of effort, time and skills to make relocation a hassle-free experience and bond cleaning can be challenging if you do not organise your tasks in advance. Thus, it’s important to know the tricks to expedite your property cleaning chores and the best way to do so is by delegating the task to a professional end of lease cleaning company of repute.

However, if you are running short of budget and want to undertake a DIY approach, here are some expert-recommended tips to accelerate your bond cleaning chores.

Prepare a Cleaning Checklist

To save both your time and effort from the hassle of bond cleaning in Bulimba, it’s important to prepare a checklist which will end your confusion regarding where to start your cleaning from. Make a list of the major germ-hotspots and include every possible area which needs thorough dusting. This will help you stay organised and allow you to keep a track of the progress of work. You can get an idea of the average time needed to finish a specific task and get rid of the ‘last-minute’ end of lease cleaning hassle.

Begin with Decluttering First

A clumsy house looks way dirtier than actual. Decluttering your rental apartment a week prior to your move-out date can help you save time in sorting unwanted stuff and expedite the cleaning tasks. Identify scrap materials left scattered all over your home and discard items you no longer need. Collect books, magazines, journal, dirty clothes and used containers from kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms and this will immensely help in speeding up your dusting chores.

Gather the Right Tools & Supplies

Until and unless you get hold of the right tools and equipment, you cannot expedite bond cleaning in Coorparoo. Cleaning detergents and approaches greatly vary according to individual surfaces and so before plunging into the end of lease cleaning task, make sure you keep everything handy. However, if you lack time in buying these cleaning essentials, hire a renowned vacate cleaning company who can deliver unmatched results at the least possible time.

Identify the Priority Areas

Bond cleaning greatly differs from regular house cleaning and you must start off with the priority areas to keep things in order. For instance, bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms bear the highest foot traffic and starting off with these areas can help you systematically perform the cleaning task. Leaving these dirt-embedded areas for the last can eat up more time and compel you break a sweat on a re-cleaning job.

Begin Dusting from Top

The right cleaning approach has a huge impact in saving time and effort and being a layman, you should always keep up to the latest trends to make your end of lease cleaning in Brisbane successful. While dusting your home, always start from the top and then proceed downwards. Start off removing cobwebs from the ceiling first and then proceed downwards to the lightings and fixtures as this work pattern will not only reduce physical exertion but save time.

At Aus Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we are a group of cleaning enthusiasts who can make your rental property spotless and help you get 100% bond refund. Having extensive experience and expertise under our belt, we pay close attention to every minute detail and offer meticulous end of lease cleaning in Brisbane that can leave your landlords in awe. If you are approaching your move-out date and want to get full refund of your security deposit money, speak to our consultants today or get a quote for free!

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