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Factors to Watch Out for Before Hiring a Professional Bond Cleaning Company

Moving a rented apartment can be cumbersome, especially for first-timers. From sorting, packing to loading household belongings into moving trucks-it takes a lot of time, attention and patience to make relocation successful. Amidst all these chores, bond cleaning turns out to be a nightmare to majority of the tenants due to the strenuous effort involved from start to end. Identifying active germ hotspots and cleaning every nook and corner requires in-depth knowledge and time-management skills and failing to do so, can make the whole process even more chaotic. To secure a full refund and make vacate cleaning stress-free, here are some crucial factors you need to consider.

Reviews & Ratings of the Company

If you have decided to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Brisbane to minimise stress and effort, you must check the reviews and ratings of the service provider to get satisfactory results. Customer feedback plays a crucial role in influencing your decision and help in making a right choice. Genuine reviews help you understand about the quality of service, approach of cleaning experts and authenticate the credibility of the company. So make sure, you study the website of the company thoroughly and read the client testimonies before finalising a deal.

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Bond Back Assurance

It’s always wise to choose a cleaning company that offers 100% bond back assurance. Whether you are dealing with a cramped or a large space, you must ensure you get high-quality bond cleaning in Annerley that can impress your landlord right away and help you secure full refund on the final day of move-out. Only when the professional cleaners adhere to a cleaning checklist, you can be assured of getting a lint-free shine in every corner of your rented apartment and qualify end of lease inspection without breaking a sweat.

Check the Inclusions & Exclusions in the Package

Before placing trust in a bond cleaning company, check the inclusions and exclusions of the individual vacate cleaning packages. As every company differs in terms of service offerings, you may ask for a checklist for better comparison. The checklist will cover the areas of cleaning, nature and scope of the work. You may also get a fair idea of the number of cleaners to be appointed, approach of work and expected time of completion.

Certifications & Accreditation of Cleaners

End of lease cleaning isn’t the same as regular house cleaning and is intricate. Therefore, local cleaners may fail to match up to the standards, quality and perfection required to secure 100% bond refund and that’s when the role of professional vacate cleaners come into the picture. Having solid trade experience and expertise under their belt, the cleaning pro’s take special care of every detail such as deep cleaning of doorknobs, floors, tiles, carpets, faucets, sinks etc and help you relocate with peace of mind. Moreover, bond cleaning specialists have valid certification and accreditation which makes them more trustworthy.

At Aus Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we offer exceptional bond cleaning in Annerley using state-of-the-art tools, equipment and solvents that deep cleans dirt, stain oil and grime from your rented apartment and help you secure full refund at the time of moving out. If you are approaching your move-out date and want to get through the lease inspection successfully, call us at 0426 078 633 or get a free quote today!

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