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How to Protect Your Workplace from Covid-19 Contamination?

With the surge in Covid-19 positive cases all over the world, it has become indispensable to adhere to the latest safely rules and guidelines issued by top healthcare authorities and resort to hygienic practises to protect against the contagious virus.  As Covid-19 continues to pose its deadly impact on lives, employees are increasingly concerned about the risk of cross-contamination at workplace. Hence, business owners should address the issue with priority to protect their employees and property from the risk of contamination and keep productivity unhampered.

  • Encourage Employees to Wash Hands at Frequent Intervals

The best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus is by educating your employees not to touch mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands and wash hands at frequent intervals using alcohol-based sanitizers. To implement this practise and develop awareness among your staff, you can place signs and directions indicating hand-wash, especially in areas such as restrooms and kitchen as a reminder.

  • Perform Regular Deep Cleaning of Workplace

Routine cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas at workplace are a must to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. Being a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep the health and safety aspects of your employees intact and provide them with sufficient disposable wipes for use every time they access high touch point areas such as workstations, door handles and countertops. Instead of relying upon local cleaners, it’s better to appoint a professional commercial cleaning company in Brisbane for Covid-19 cleaning and make your workplace a germ-free haven.

  • Prevent the Use of Sharing Common Items Among Staff

To minimise the risk of surface contamination, business organisations should limit the number of common devices, tools and equipment to be shared by employees. Make sure your staff has separate workstations with dedicated equipment and devices. To educate your staff about the potential risks of sharing common items amidst this pandemic, you may conduct an online session every week and highlight the DO’s and DONT’s at workplace during Covid-19.

  • Encourage Cleaners to Use Isopropyl Alcohol for Covid-19 Cleaning

Covid-19 is a deadly virus which can spread rapidly if specialised cleaning detergents are not used. Office cleaning in Brisbane with regular detergents isn’t a feasible solution during this pandemic as it may fail to eradicate the contagious virus from surfaces and leave behind the risk of contamination. Specialised cleaning disinfectants having a strong chemical composition such as isopropyl alcohol can keep the deadly virus at bay, however, ensure the cleaners wear gloves while using this disinfectant and keep away any fabric to prevent bleaching.

  • Hire Trained & Expert Covid-19 Cleaners

When it comes to Covid-19 office cleaning in Brisbane, you need to hire trained professionals who are abreast of latest health and safety practises issued by top healthcare authorities and have undergone special training in Covid-cleaning to get the best sanitisation for your workplace. Whereas in-house local cleaners may not be accustomed to the unique techniques and high-end detailing of Covid-19 cleaning, trained pro’s can help you get zero-contamination workplace at an affordable price.

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